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Animal Control: 479-736-2555 ext. 407

About Our Shelter


At Gentry Animal Services, our commitment is to rescue, provide sanctuary and ultimately unite our abandoned, stray and neglected dogs with a loving and well-suited home. Since we have such a small shelter, only 10 kennels, we must adopt the dogs as quickly as possible to avoid overcrowding.


The City of Gentry participates in a Trap/Neuter/Release program.  Please report any stray/feral cats to our animal control officer so they may become a part of this humane program to help control the cat population.






Animal Impoundment and Adoption


Animal adoption fees are $30 if the animal is already spayed or neutered, or $30 plus the fee for the spay/neutering service.  The fees also include the $15 cost of implanting a micro-chip for animal identification.


City ordinance also requires those who adopt an animal, if they live within the city limits, to provide proof of rabies vaccination within seven days of taking possession of the animal.


Animal impoundment fees are $25, plus $5 per day for impoundment longer than five days. In addition, owners of impounded animals must pay a $15 fee for the implantation of a micro-chip to identify the animal and provide, within seven days, proof of rabies vaccination.


City law also gives the city the right to put any unclaimed animal up for adoption after five days or to humanely destroy or dispose of the animal.

Animals impounded for more than five days will also be subject to the spay-neuter requirement before being released by the city.


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