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Gentry Master Park Plan

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Master Park Plan Updates

1. 4/21/2020

Last week, Gentry’s City Council met and voted to move forward with negotiations to purchase a new piece of property for the City’s new sports complex. The City now has several more steps to go through before the property is actually purchased, but the process has begun. The potential new site is located north of town on Browning Road. 

 Additionally, the Council also voted to move forward on the splash pad last week. This phase of the project will consist of the splash pad, new parking lot, and some drainage improvements. McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc. will be starting design work on this element in the coming weeks.  

Here is the revised master plan, including the potential new location.

2. 7/20/20

 The purchase of extra property for the sports complex was completed in early June.  Stakeholders will walk the future sports complex site. Topics discussed included field needs, locations, and the possibility of adding some walking trails along the perimeter of the property and through the existing woods on-site. MCE is currently working to finalize a concept for the sports complex and completed construction documents for the splash pad, both will be shared at the  August City Council meeting. A survey and geotechnical services on the sports complex has been completed. Those documents were shared at the July city council meeting. Splashpad options

3. 8/4/20

 MCE team members met with the City Council on Monday night to give a quick presentation on the new sports complex. This park will include six multipurpose ball fields (including t-ball, softball, and baseball), up to 14 soccer fields (littler kickers through 14-U), a 224-space parking lot, a walking trail along the perimeter of the property. The existing building on-site will be repurposed for a maintenance facility. MCE has just finished 90% plans for the splash pad, and plan to have final plans completed by the end of August.  We also discussed constructing two Tuj Lub (pronounced too-loo) fields. For a quick reference you can watch this video: https://www.pbs.org/video/tuj-lub-explained-29797/.  MCE’s landscape architects have been speaking with the City of St Paul, MN (featured in the video) about their setup and are currently pricing out two fields for Gentry. Browning Sports Complex

Gentry  Parks


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Flint Creek Nature Area

20541 Dawn Hill Road

Gentry, AR 72734

611 W. Main St.

Gentry, AR 72734

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Park Pavilion Reservations

Pavilions are $50 for whole day reservation, and/or $25 for a half-day (5:00am-2:00pm/2:00pm-11:00pm).  Payment is required before a reservation may be secured.